Defenders of Wildlife

save our animals, & they will save us

their health depends on us, ours on them

i think that we need to save all Gods creatures, not only certain ones, but all of them, our future generations will have to deal with - - - no telling what kind of dieses, & health problems, due to the lack of control we have controlling our borders, etc. we need all of Gods creatures, someday we might find that cure for cancer- - - just look at snake venom for example ,is`nt it a felony to "knowingly" hurt an animal anyway? or are there "double standards" when it comes to this issue too?!?!NOT ONLY SHOULD WE MAKE SURE THEY ALL HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM - FOR THEIR HOMES, WE NEED TO HAVE THEM FOR OUR CHILDRENS , CHILDERN, ETC THEY WILL NEED THEM MORE THAN WE DO TODY!


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