Defenders of Wildlife

We are all one.

My belief is that animals are not below or above humans is stature or importance. We live on one planet where we are all connected, like different parts of a body, the liver may not look like the brain, but the brain can't live without the liver.

In 4 feathers, there is a quote, "The English walk to proudly on this earth. I think that is true for Americans too. Some of us forget that anyone else exists but us. All species contribute to the diversity, health, joy, love and wisdom of this planet. All species have something to share with us, and we can learn from them. It makes me sick that we dominate the world, liveing in this gigantic cities with all concrete and no nature. WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE??? Just because you are stronger, have power over someone does not threaten you, does not mean you should destroy them. When will it stop? Look what we have done to the Indians ! And we need to create green running vehicles, replenish the earth. Clean the water, and stop this silly "thing addiction". We are literally polluting the earth/Universe, in our need for nuclear power.and driving cars that we could use half as much. Why could they make one that gave off O2 for God's Sake??? It is just a bad idea to get addicted to a vehicle that actually destroys the very air we all breathe. We have been very stupid, and if more wildlife becomes extinct, the humans will follow also.


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