Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife - Look and Listen

It's been quite a few years since I've written a story, but I can't think of a more wothwhile one to write. I guess I've always been "conscious" of wildlife - I mean just knowing it's there. So many people aren't - so many people take their exercise walks around the streets and through the parks with their headphones on - makes me nuts. There is so much to listen to - there's a concert going on all the time. I grew up very aware of the mockingbird. I guess it's the first birds song that I learned to listen to. It always amazed me, and still does, the repertoire they have. Even now, I like to sit in the back yard and enjoy their songs. As I've gotten older, I've become much more aware of the creatures that surround me - birds of all sorts, turtles, snakes, bears, coyotes, deer, fox, and on and on. I almost had a car accident the other day when I looked up and saw an eagle circling overhead. WOW!! Nothing makes me feel better than seeing them and acknowledging their gifts to us. To see the dolphins as I stand on the beach, to see a hawk soaring effortlessly, buffalo and antelope roaming on the prairie, gives me hope. Hope that the damage we have done to our wonderful mother earth can be reversed. We still have time. But our first step is awareness. Awareness of our surroundings and those that share it with us. So look, look and listen, take the headphones off and participate - in life.


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