Defenders of Wildlife

We are Gaurdians of the Planet

Animals cannot speak for themselves, so it is up to the human world to speak and act for them.

Animals live in the wild. Their ways are determined by nature. Humans on the other hand adapt the world to fit their needs. This is naturally going to create a clash of needs. Humans need the land for all they do and will build over the habitat regardless of the outcome to animals. Animals will suffer the most, because they cannot not yell, "STOP".

Therefore, we must protect the natural world with laws and enforcement of these laws. We must become the "voice" of the animals. We must protect the land, water, air from environmental harm. Whales cannot swim to Washington DC and demand a lobby; flamingos cannot flock together and demand the end of swamp draining; Tigers cannot boycott the building of roads through their territory. So we, humans, must do all this and more to protect the fragile nature, we so frequently ignore.

The animals will benefit and so will our own lives if we work to clean up the pollution, stop the wanton destruction of the rainforests, and create environmentally friendly eco-businesses.


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