Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife Is My Passion!

As a licensed wild bird rehabilitator for eons, the song birds are welcome on our land, protected, fed, watered, and loved.

This past Thanksgiving, I had my 59th birthday. Since I was in my 20s, I've cared for the wildlife on our land, and taken in injured wild birds ~ caring for them until they are able to be set free.
As a woman who is 100% disabled, the wildlife that is on our land is a treasure. It soothes me on days when I am in horrific pain, and delights me with each day that passes.
No "critter" enters our land without finding food, water, and shelter.
Who will speak for those who have no voice if not human beings?
I will.
Looking out our back bank of windows, I see dozens of wild turkeys, raccoons, opossums, deer, song birds, raptors, a colony of feral cats (who are always given food, water, and shelter), and the butterflies who seek out my flower & herb gardens.

My income is Very limited, but I would go without food in order to care for the wildlife that comes to "see" us each day.
Life is enhanced by the large and beautiful wildlife that comes to visit us daily.

SAVE OUR WILDLIFE, FOREVER!!!!!! My grandchildren need to see all of God's creatures great and small ~ and so do their children. Let this chain of love go on and on.....



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