Defenders of Wildlife

WE are the problem, and we must be the solution

Humans are the only species that takes FAR more than our share, and the only species that eliminates others due to ignorance, neglect, and a false sense of our worth

Humans are merely part of hature, not in charge of it or in control of it. We must learn to live WITH all beings. We surely are not a form of higher evolution by any reasonnable standard. We kill for the sake of killing, we take everything without concern for the others we share earth with. We build in the little space wildlife has left, kill them if they eat our bushes, cut off their migration routes, despoil their homes, all in the mistaken belief that we are above the rest. WE have absolutely NO right to destroy like we do, and since we are the cause of the current situation, we must be honest enough to recognize our errors, and stop. We must protect the others who are here, especially those we have caused to be endangered. Who are we to act this way? Most of all, it seems as if our elected representatives simply do not care about the incredible variety that was here long before we were. I do not want to live in a world where species disappear for any reason except natural selection. I am deeply ashamed of what humans have done to this planet. We should be protecting more, not less. We should be increasing areas set aside for other species only, and to hell with those who want to take more and more land away from the natural world.

Wake up before all is lost. Get out of your artifical environment and spend some time WITH nature. She will win in the end, and we will lose the way we are going.


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