Defenders of Wildlife

Our Natural World

Wildlife is important because it is our connection to our own natural being. We came from nature - we are of this earth - as are all living things. We all share similar needs - food, clean air and water, shelter. When things we consider to be beneath us are forever removed from the face of the earth, we lose a piece of ourselves. Is it not evident that by ruining all things natural from our world that eventually we will be effected by it?

Each day I try to find some connection as I leave my man-made office in my man-made car. Walking on soft grass, feeling a cool breeze, watching the moon and stars move across the sky. When I can I visit natural preserves and listen for the hoot of an owl, the howl of a wolf, the symphony of a cricket. These are symbols of all that is right about the world. It is awe-inspiring and brings me to peace.

The natural world is a part of us and without it there is no way we can survive.


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