Defenders of Wildlife
Defenders of Wildlife
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The video Fish and Wildlife doesn't want you to see

Wolf Delisting Video StillDo you have two minutes to spare for wolves? Watch this powerful video Defenders created to emphasize why continued ESA protection for nearly all gray wolves is so crucial.

Lights Out for Sea Turtles
Sea Turtle, (c) Matthew PotenskiDuring the summer evenings along the southeast Atlantic and northern Gulf of Mexico, female sea turtles crawl out of the ocean and inch up sandy beaches to lay their eggs. Around 60 days later, the tiny hatchlings emerge and head straight for the ocean; but that one short trip is full of dangers, many of them man-made.

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Wins for Wildlife
Freedom to Move

The Montana Supreme Court lifted an injunction that prohibited the transfer of wild Yellowstone bison to tribal lands. This means that we can finally move forward with the continued restoration of wild bison in Montana!
Bison, (c) Karen Kraemer
Thousands demand action for Cape Hatteras wildlife

You spoke out and Congress took notice! Thanks to over 13,000 Defenders supporters who took action, the anti-wildlife bill that would have opened 67 miles of Cape Hatteras' fragile coastline to off-road vehicles has been substantially improved.
Snowy Plover (Photo: FWS)
Defending Wildlife
Protecting Prairie Dog
Prairie Dogs (Photo: NPS)It's not all fun and games for the cutest critter on the prairie. Though they play the role of one of the most important animals in the prairie ecosystem, prairie dogs face more than their fair share of obstacles. See how Defenders is helping make life a little easier for this creature on the prairie.

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Creature Feature

Sturgeon, (c)USFWSSturgeons have been around for 200 million years and thanks to the ESA, will be around for many more to come. Learn More »
Get Wild
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A Devoted Supporter

Cynthia Bournellis never lobbied a day in her life, but she knew Defenders lobby day in D.C. would be the perfect opportunity to make her voice heard for the wildlife she loves so much. Read more about her exciting day on Capitol Hill »

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