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Defenders of Wildlife
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A Decision With Dire Consequences

Gray Wolf (captive) Int Wolf Center © Joel SartoreJust last week, Defenders learned that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may be moving forward with their proposal to remove all Endangered Species Act protections for most of the gray wolves across America. This one decision could forever change the future of gray wolf conservation and set a catastrophic precedent for prematurely delisting species that haven’t yet fully recovered.

Please send a message to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell — demand that gray wolves retain the federal protection they need to ensure their recovery in the wild. »
Summer Outlook Grim for Florida Manatee
Manatee (USGS)582. Sadly, that's the number of manatees that have already died in 2013. A death toll that has already surpassed the total number of manatees that died last year. With summer months approaching, human-caused threats are bound to pose a greater risk to our oceans' most lovable creature.

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Wins for Wildlife
Victory for Sea Turtles!

After more than a decade of fighting for new protections, sea turtles and their hatchlings are now much safer on Mexican's beaches.
Sea Turtle, NPS, 100x100
Into the Wild

Earlier this month, one of Defenders' Florida staff members had the unique opportunity to witness an endangered Florida panther released back into the wild.
Florida Panther, USFWS, 100x100
Defending Wildlife
'Hopping' for Protections
yosemite toad habitat, Pamela Flick (C)In the high Sierra Nevada, three rare amphibians that face more than their fair share of threats, may finally be on their way to getting the protections they need.

Learn more »

Mothers Day 2013
Creature Feature
Sage Grouse

Sage Grouse (BLM)Who's the fanciest bird on the prairie? The sage grouse is! But despite their flamboyant tailfeathers and elaborate courtships, this bird’s habitat is rapidly declining. Learn about Defenders' efforts to protect this iconic wild creature.
Get Wild
eNews testimonial May 2013
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