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Defenders of Wildlife
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Defenders Launches Campaign to Save Endangered Wildlife

Create a Wild America Wish List (Photo Cody Hoagland)Enacted nearly four decades ago, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) has saved hundreds of species from extinction and set many endangered plants and animals on successful paths to recovery. Today, wildlife is once again at a crossroads. We must act now to put the majority of protected species on the path to recovery before they slip further toward extinction.

Check out the new campaign video and find out how to get involved »
Mexican Gray Wolves’ 15th Anniversary

Mexican Wolf, Arizona Department of Game and FishMarch 29th marked the 15th anniversary of the Mexican gray wolves' reintroduction to their native southwest wildlands. While this is cause to celebrate, the current state of the Mexican gray wolf population shows that we must act now to assure the survival and recovery of the lobo. Defenders has a plan to ensure a lasting future for the world’s most endangered wolf.

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Wins for Wildlife
CITES Was a Huge Success!

What do sharks, mantas and tropical trees have in common? They all got a huge break at this year’s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)!
Hammerhead Shark, Barry Peters (Creative Commons)
Tackling Climate Change Head On

The Obama administration unveiled an unprecedented strategy for responding to climate change. This plan is a step in the right direction towards conserving and protecting our nation’s precious wildlife and natural resources.
Adopt a Polar Bear!
Defending Wildlife
Campaign to Save the Florida Panther!
Florida Panther (USFWS)In March, Defenders launched Give Panthers a Brake, a public awareness campaign designed to alert Floridians to the plight of their official state animal — and to engage as many people as possible in our efforts to save it.

Learn more about this ambitious campaign  »

Creature Feature

Bison (Copyright Robert D. Eckert)Wild bison once roamed the Great Plains by the millions, but were nearly eliminated by the late 19th century. Learn about Defenders' efforts to protect this iconic wild creature.
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Who knew tax time was good for Sea Otters?!

If you live in CA and still haven't filed your taxes be sure to contribute $1 or more to the California Sea Otter fund to help with Sea Otter recovery. Learn more »

Don't live in California? You can still help sea otters by adopting one today!

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