Defenders of Wildlife
Defenders of Wildlife
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North Carolina's Red Wolf: in the Spotlight and in Peril

Red WolfThe North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission recently approved a temporary rule allowing night hunting of coyotes with spotlights throughout the state, including areas inhabited by the critically endangered red wolf.  At least two red wolves have already been killed within the area designated for their recovery.
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Panthers in Peril
PanthersLast month three critically endangered Florida Panthers were struck and killed by motorists. It's a tragic blow for an animal whose adult population numbers only about 100. Florida Panthers are a top Defenders priority, so we're hard at work on the ground in Florida to establish safe wildlife crossings, lower speed limits in panther habitats and establish less fragmented habitats for these sleek and beautiful cats.
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Wins for Wildlife
Spectacular Wyoming Mountain Habitat Saved From Frackers

Defenders and other conservation groups scored a giant victory in Wyoming's Upper Hoback river basin. The pristine region, which is prime habitat for a variety of species including the endangered Canadian Lynx, was under imminent threat by gas drillers.
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Mountain Habitat
Solar PEIS

Wildlife-friendly solar development is a win-win for animals and for our energy future. New Interior Department rules are a positive step forward.
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Solar PEIS
Defending Wildlife
Feds move to protect sea turtle in Gulf of Mexico and Southeast Atlantic Ocean
Sea TurtleDefenders' legal team has won a major battle for sea turtles by forcing closure of a loophole that was killing 30,000 endangered turtles each year. New rules will require shrimpers in the shallow waters of the Gulf and coastal Southeast Atlantic to use “Turtle Excluder Devices” (TEDs). TEDs prevent turtles, sharks and other large animals from being swept into trawling nets, where they inevitably drown.

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Creature Feature
Virginia big-eared bats

BATS Virginia big-eared bats are one of the Southern Appalachians' best-kept bug-control secrets. One bat eats half its weight in mosquitoes and other insects every day. But trouble is brewing for these nocturnal flyers.

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