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Budget Disaster Puts Wildlife in the Crosshairs
Polar Bear and CubPartisan politics is running amok in Washington and our wildlife is a likely victim. Unless Congress can come to a sensible budget agreement before the year's end, draconian cuts are set to automatically slash funding for endangered species, wildlife law enforcement, national wildlife refuges, and a host of other programs critical to wildlife conservation.

Caring for wildlife shouldn't be about politics. It's something all Americans want -- and we can't allow budget politics to decimate funding for endangered species.

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Living with Wildlife
Gray WolfAs our dwindling wild places become islands in a sea of humanity, clashes between people and wildlife become inevitable.

Defenders has long been at the forefront of efforts to find creative and balanced strategies for reducing or eliminating conflicts between wild animals and their human neighbors. In southern Idaho, Defenders' Wood River Project has partnered with sheep ranchers to find non-lethal ways to discourage wolves from making meals of the sheep flocks.

The success has been stunning. Sheep deaths from wolves have dropped nearly to zero, and local ranchers have become champions for the wolves' return.

Watch our inspiring short video to learn more about how Defenders is helping people coexist with wolves and other wildlife »

Wins for Wildlife
Business Keeps Booming While Sea Turtles Thrive

Endangered sea turtles and rare piping plovers are staging a comeback on North Carolina's Outer Banks! Learn more about the rule that manages beach driving on the National Seashore imposed by the National Park Service that has led to this incredible comeback.
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Sea Turtle
Roadless Protection A Victory for Wildlife

The Supreme Court decided last week to deny a challenge to the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, allowing it to remain the law of the land. Visit our blog and learn more about why this decision is a major victory for wildlife!
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Bridger Teton
Defending Wildlife
Cozying up to Walter the Walrus
WalrusIf you believe the words “walrus” and “cute” don't belong in the same sentence, you haven't met Walter.

When he became separated from his herd, the 250-pound pup was airlifted to the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward. Walter readily adapted to life in the rehab facility, which provided round-the-clock care.

Among his volunteer caregivers was Karla Dutton, Defenders' Alaska program director. Dutton learned first hand just how playful and affectionate these animals can be.

Take a glimpse into Karla's experience caring for Walter (recently renamed Pakak), who will move to a new home in an aquarium in the fall »

Bank of America
Bank of America will contribute $75 to Defenders of Wildlife for each new qualifying credit card account. Learn more and apply today! 

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A steady income for you... a brighter future for wildlife.
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Creature Feature
Florida Black Bears

Black Bear Florida black bears — a subspecies of the American black bear, were removed from the state's endangered species list in August. It's a sign of success for an animal once pushed to the brink of extinction by hunting and habitat loss.

Learn More from Defenders Blog »

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Joy Kingdom -- You Play. Animals Win.
If your Wild Life Style includes playing games on Facebook, check out Joy Kingdom, a game that allows you to protect REAL animals simply by playing. Defenders has partnered with Joy Kingdom, and we’re so excited to be a part of this creative and fun way to protect the animals that we love. Start playing now and keep an eye out for a Defenders project highlight in the coming weeks.

Learn More About Joy Kingdom »

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