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We couldn't do our wildlife-saving work without the monthly support of Wildlife Guardian members like you. Please read the latest on how your ongoing support is helping protect the wildlife and wild places you cherish most.

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Will You Pay for Idaho's Aerial Wolf Kills?

Gray Wolf (Harry Bosen) Idaho officials want to recklessly gun down wolves from aircraft -- and they want you to pay for it.

State officials want the Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services to track down and kill up to two thirds of wolves in northeast Idaho. It's an unscientific plan aimed at artificially boosting big game populations.

Already, nearly 62,000 Defenders' supporters have urged President Obama not to use federal resources to carry out Idaho's misguided wolf cull.

If you haven't already, please sign our petition today -- and help us reach our goal of 75,000 signatures.

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Oregon Wolf Looking for Love

Gray Wolf (Harry Bosen)A lone wolf from eastern Oregon (known as OR-7) has traveled hundreds of miles to become the first of his kind seen in California since 1924. His motivation? Finding love.

But OR-7's journey is bringing strong emotions from those who welcome wolves as well as those who are wary.

Defenders is working closely with federal, local and state officials as well as with people living in wolf habitat to ensure the lasting future of these amazing animals in the West.

Learn more about OR-7's journey from the New York Times

Wins for Wildlife

Safer Shore in Cape Hatteras
Sea turtles, shorebirds and sunbathers don’t mix well with off-road vehicles. And thanks to Defenders and our conservation partners’ successful lawsuit, the National Park Service’s stricter rules of the road for driving on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore means they won’t have to anymore.
>> Learn More

Plover (FWS)

New Refuge for Florida Wildlife
Last month, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced the creation of the Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area. Thanks in part to more than 46,000 Defenders supporters who spoke out in favor of the refuge, Florida panthers, whooping cranes, alligators and other amazing animals will have a safer place to call home.
>>Learn More

Sunset over Everglades (Photo: NPS)
Defending Wildlife

Not Your Ordinary Trip to the Zoo

Red wolf (Canis rufus gregoryi) at the Great Plains Zoo ( Defenders board member Joel Sartore goes to the zoo, he doesn't come back with your run-of-the-mill photos.

Instead, the renowned National Geographic photographer captures stunning images of some of the rarest -- and most interesting-looking -- wildlife you'll ever see.

Last month, Joel traveled to several zoos across the nation to capture the latest material for his Biodiversity Project and shared some behind-the-scenes stories on his blog.

Learn more about the Biodiversity Project, see Joel's amazing photos and read his dispatches from his Great American Zoo Trip.

Save Something Wild with Bank of America

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Your Investment Can Pay Off for Wildlife

Creature Feature

Snowy Owls
Whooping Crane (Ryan Hagerty, USFWS)These mesmerizing birds depend on places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for survival.

Learn More About Snowy Owls.

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I support Defenders because of their tireless effort in preserving wildlife -- Linda L., St. Louis, MO
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Brian Bovard shares his EnviroTip

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Get other simple steps to improve your WildLifeStyle.

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