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Double Trouble for Sea Turtles

Loggerhead Turtle (Photo: Marco Giuliano, NOAA) Last year's devastating Deepwater Horizon disaster was a serious blow for sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico. But the catstrophe for the sea turtles hasn’t ended yet.

Already this year, more than 340 dead sea turtles have washed ashore on the Gulf Coast -- more than three-times the annual average -- and the death toll is likely to be much higher. Signs point to shrimp fishing as a likely cause for spike in deaths -- perhaps combined with the lingering effects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Yet the government has not taken action to save these animals struggling to survive. Defenders and our conservation partners have launched a lifesaving lawsuit to protect sea turtles, but federal officials need to hear from you.

Take action now: Urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to enforce lifesaving protections for threatened and endangered sea turtles in the Gulf.

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Can't Live Without 'Em!

BatThe landmark Endangered Species Act (ESA) protects wildlife that is struggling to survive -- from charismatic bears to often-overlooked freshwater mussels.

Can't Live Without 'Em, a new weekly series on Defenders Blog, highlights both the familiar and the frequently forgotten wildlife that the ESA safeguards -- and explains why they're worth protecting.

Read the Can't Live Without 'Em series on the Defenders Blog. This week: Indiana bats!

Wins for Wildlife

Court Rules Against Poison
The Supreme Court rejected the pesticide industry’s request for a hearing on an EPA decision regarding domestic food tolerances of carbofuran -- a deadly poison that Defenders has fought to keep off U.S. shelves and to reduce its use abroad. Carbofuran has killed millions of birds and other wildlife in the U.S. and remains a threat to struggling African lions.
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Lion cub with lioness, cc David Dennis

Saving Sharks
California Defenders supporters sent nearly 18,000 emails to their Assembly members, helping to pass a vital bill to ban the importation or sale of shark fins in the Golden State. The state Senate must approve the bill before it heads to the governor's desk.
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Hammerhead shark (c) Barry Peters

Caring for Cottontails
Each year, dedicated Defenders in Maine turn out to restore habitat for New England cottontail rabbits. Learn more about one of Defenders' most successful Wildlife Volunteer Corps partnerships on Defenders Blog.
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Cottontail Restoration Volunteer
Defending Wildlife

Remembering Nina Leopold Bradley

Wolverine (Paul Nicklin/National Geographic Stock)Dr. Nina Leopold Bradley carried on the conservation legacy of her father, the legendary Aldo Leopold. She used her voice to champion ecological values and the conservation of natural resources. Through her work, she helped us understand that as we work to protect the environment, we are also protecting ourselves.

"She truly carried on her father's mission and has been a personal inspiration to me throughout my career," says Jamie Rappaport Clark, Executive Vice President of Defenders of Wildlife. "Thanks to her vast research and rich legacy, her own 'green fire' will continue to burn."

Dr. Bradley died peacefully at her home in Wisconsin at the age of 93.

Learn more on Defenders Blog.

Creature Feature

Black Bear
Black Bear (FWS)Black bears eat everything from plants to fruits to fish. But these omnivores are known to take down a moose calf or two.

Learn more about black bears.

Read more about black bears in Can't Live Without 'Em -- a new Defenders Blog feature.

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"I support Defenders because you uphold and fight for the beauty that is nature." -- Kane A., Vancouver, WA
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Red Hot & Green
Mike Leahy is greasing up for grouse.

Defenders' Mike Leahy is gunning up his grease machine to fight climate change. Watch his video -- then submit one of your own!

Get other simple steps to improve your WildLifeStyle.

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Whether you are an activist looking for ways to make your voice heard or a biologist seeking a conference where you can share your latest paper, Defenders has an event for you.

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