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Where's the Hu-Manatee?

Florida wildlife officials will soon vote on a plan that would downlist manatees from "endangered" to “threatened” on the state's protected species list -- and it couldn’t come at a worse time. More than 416 of these gentle “sea cows” died in 2006 -- the worst year yet for manatees. With declining habitat and increases in boat-related mortality, it is clear that the threats to manatees continue to grow.

Take action now: Tell Governor Charlie Crist and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to increase -- not reduce -- protections for the beloved manatee and other wildlife.

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Rare(r) Red Knot

A report issued this summer had some alarming news about the rare red knot: the bird’s numbers are plunging, boosting the likelihood that the small shorebird could be extinct within the next decade.

Red knots rely on horseshoe crab eggs to gain the weight they need to successfully complete a nonstop flight to their Canadian Arctic breeding grounds. But over-harvesting of horseshoe crabs has caused the supply of eggs to plummet. As a result, red knot numbers in Delaware Bay -- a prime pit stop for these birds -- have declined from a high of more than 100,000 birds in the 1980s to fewer than 15,000 today.

Defenders and our partners are working hard to ensure that these diminutive birds get the protection they need -- before it’s too late.

Action of the Month

Great Cats & Rare Canines Need Your Help!

Poaching, global warming and habitat and prey loss are pushing the world’s great cats and wild canines closer to extinction every day. And as Congress returns from the summer recess, they’ll have a chance to do something about it. The Great Cats and Rare Canids Act would authorize vital funds to support efforts across the globe to save snow leopards, Ethiopian wolves and other imperiled wildlife from extinction. You can help!

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Forest Phantom

The fisher -- a member of the weasel family -- was once abundant from Appalachia to the Pacific Coast range. But after years of over hunting and habitat loss, this creature has become so scarce, it could claim the title of rarest carnivore in America’s western states. With their shy and reclusive nature, little is known about the fisher -- and what we don’t know, could prove disastrous for this forest phantom.

Read more about fishers and what Defenders is doing to protect them and the places they live.
Defenders Updates
Sea Otter Awareness Week
Join us this month as we celebrate the important role of playful sea otters in the coastal ecosystem. Sea Otter Awareness Week takes place September 23rd - 29th with events at several West Coast locations. Visit our website for more information on ways you can participate in this annual event!
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The 11th Hour
Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest project, The 11th Hour, hit theaters last week with an important message -- the world’s in a bit of a mess, but we have an unprecedented opportunity to make things right. The inspiring film features interviews with more than 50 experts on environmental issues including Defenders board member Gloria Flora. Visit the film’s website to learn more about The 11th Hour.

Close on Condor Bill
Poisoning from lead ammunition has been linked to several condor sicknesses and deaths. But thanks in part to thousands of Defenders supporters who have taken action on the issue, the California legislature has passed a bill that would require the use of non-lead bullets for hunting big game in condor territory. The final stop for this bill is Governor Schwarzenegger’s desk as it awaits his signature to become state law.

Treasure Winners!
Congratulations to Emma from North Carolina and Annette from Idaho! They successfully completed last month’s Virtual Treasure Hunt and were selected at random to each receive a Polar Bear Mom & Cub. Thanks to everyone who participated -- and took the time to explore our new website!
Wildlife Hero

Celebrating Heroes

This year marks our 60th Anniversary -- and what better way to celebrate than to honor extraordinary people who have made an indelible impact on wildlife conservation? Later this month, Defenders of Wildlife will hand out awards recognizing lifetime achievement in wildlife conservation and innovative work in public service, science and citizen advocacy. Here are this year’s honorees...

Wolf, Corel
Creature Feature
The walrus may seem clumsy and awkward on land, but they’ve got skills when it comes to swimming. Walruses are able to reach speeds of 20 miles per hour. Unfortunately, these tusked stars of the summer hit Arctic Tale are in a race against time as a warming climate threatens their very existence. As a warming climate melts sea ice in its arctic home, the walrus is facing an increasingly difficult choice: food or rest?

Find out more about the walrus and the threats it faces in Chapter Nine of our ongoing report: Navigating the Arctic Meltdown.
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Let them eat waste !
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Sea Otter Awareness Week
September 23rd - 29th
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Esatate and Gift Planning Telephone Seminar
November 15th
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