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Sign up now to take a young person in your life to a wildlife refuge, park or forest in your area this weekend.

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Dear Wildlife Supporter,

This Sunday (April 22nd) is Earth Day. What could be a better time to celebrate the beauty and importance of the world’s precious ecosystems and its amazing wildlife than to actually experience nature’s wonder with a child in your life?

Take Defenders of Wildlife’s Earth Day Future Pledge! Promise to take your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or another young person in your life out to enjoy nature this weekend at a wildlife refuge, park or forest near you.

Founded 37 years ago, Earth Day has always been about celebrating the rich natural heritage that we’ll leave to future generations. That’s why it’s so important that we take the time to experience the joy of nature with the young people in our lives.

Get out there! Click here to take the pledge and find great wild places in your community.

Sadly, global climate change, out-of-control development and other factors are destroying many of America’s great wild places and threatening the spectacular wildlife that lives there.

It’s up to us to ensure that young people experience the wonder of nature… and learn why it’s so important to protect these natural treasures for future generations.

Pledge to take a child out to experience nature now and start planning your weekend.

With all the amazing things you can see and do in nature, this is one promise you’ll definitely want to keep!

Best Regards and Happy Earth Day,

Rodger Schlickeisen, President Signature
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife
Rodger Schlickeisen, President (c)Daniel J. Cox/www.naturalexpos

P.S. Please help spread the word about this special Earth Day activity! Invite family friends to your nature outing and forward this email widely.

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