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August 2018

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Bald Eagle (c) Kenneth Richards

Protect the Endangered Species Act!

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke recently proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) that would dismantle this landmark law by gutting existing protections for threatened and endangered wildlife. We cannot let the Trump Administration dismantle threatened and endangered species’ last line of defense. Defender of Wildlife, take action today >>

Jaguar Family (c) kwiktor iStockScientists Sound the Alarm

Recently, scientists united to declare grave concern over the negative impacts of the U.S.-Mexico border wall on biodiversity. Consensus is rare in science, yet the irreparable harm of a 2,000-mile barrier on wildlife is so certain that more than 2,700 scientists from 43 countries joined together to call on U.S. lawmakers to reconsider the border wall. Learn more >>

Polar Bears (c) Joan CambrayESA: Death by One Thousand Cuts

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been remarkably successful in preventing the extinction of species. But now the Trump Administration is proposing fundamental changes to the way the ESA is implemented and not one of these proposals would improve species conservation. Learn more >>

Orca (c) Katie JonesTurning Grief into Action

Tahlequah and her calf are a wake-up call for the entire country. Millions of mothers, fathers, children, and families are following this tragic story and Tahlequah’s “tour of grief.” Millions of people who had never heard of the southern resident orcas, much less of their plight. But now that they have, people must stand up and demand that this task force and the rest of our political leaders act and act fast. Learn more >>

Manatee (c) Jan Reyniers'Red Tide' Is Killing Wildlife In Florida

Record ‘red tide’ of toxic algae is killing wildlife in Florida. Dozens of manatees and hundreds of sea turtles have died in the longest-running red tide outbreak since 2006.
Learn more >>

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Gray Wolf, part of the Canyon Wolf Pack (c) Sandy Sisti

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