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August 2017

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Rainforest Wolf (c) Sam Catron

TAKE ACTION: Protect the Tongass

Known as "America’s Rainforest," the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska is home to a stunning array of plant life and wildlife. But the U.S. Forest Service is proposing a wholesale harvest of this irreplaceable old-growth forest. We cannot let them destroy thousands of acres of high-quality wildlife habitat for animals like black and brown bears, wolves, martens, northern goshawks, moose and five species of Pacific salmon! Defender of Wildlife, speak out now >>

Bison (c) Bryant Aardema

Bison in the Badlands

30 million bison once inhabited North America, but by the late 19th century, fewer than 1,000 remained. With its rugged landscape of layered rock formations and sprawling grasslands, Badlands National Park offers the perfect backdrop for bringing bison back to their native range. Learn more >>

Lassen Pack (c) CDFW

Big Wolf News in California

Wolves were absent from the California landscape for nearly 90 years, but in July, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced the discovery of yet another new family of wolves with at least three confirmed pups – the Lassen Pack. Learn more >>

US Capitol (c) Martin Falbisoner

ESA Under Attack

There have been over 170 legislative attacks against the Endangered Species Act since January, 2015, and on July 19th, legislative hearings in both the House and Senate reminded us yet again that this is one of the most anti-wildlife Congresses we’ve seen in decades. Learn more >>

Hammerhead Shark (c) Ed Gullekson

Blood in the Water

Sharks face some extraordinary threats. And because they are highly susceptible to pollution and environmental contamination, President Trump’s executive order for the "review" of our national marine sanctuaries and monuments could be especially devastating for them. Learn more >>

Thank You For Your Feedback!

Thanks to all who took our recent email survey. Your comments are invaluable to us as we navigate through our wildlife priorities in the coming months and years. We're glad to have you by our side. We also learned that many of you were surprised that we hold events. While we don't hold events everywhere, we try to engage in the field whenever possible and encourage you to keep an eye out for when you can join us in the field >>

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