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Exxpose Exxon

Help Protect Our Polar Bears

Polar bears need help!

ExxonMobil and their high-paid lobbyists are pushing for harmful drilling in one of the most important onshore denning habitats for America’s vanishing polar bears the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

You can stop them -- Pledge to boycott ExxonMobil until they stop trying to drill in the Refuge and off our coasts and get serious about developing clean energy solutions.

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Dear Wildlife Supporter,

Have you ever made a promise for a polar bear? If not, now is a good time to start.

Take a stand for our polar bears and imperiled wildlife! Promise to boycott ExxonMobil and stop fueling the company’s anti-wildlife agenda…

Today, ExxonMobil’s shareholders begin their annual meeting. With your help, we can send them a loud, clear message that ExxonMobil needs to change its ways.

ExxonMobil is using its record profits to push for drilling off our coasts and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- drilling that would devastate our polar bears, sea otters and manatees and industrialize some of our last great wild places.

For instance, Exxon Mobil is the lone remaining major oil company in Arctic Power, a lobbying group dedicated to drilling in the Arctic Refuge. Drilling in the Refuge would create an industrial spider web that would scar the entire 1.5 million acre coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge, threatening the home of polar bears, caribou, and millions of migratory birds.

And for what? New Arctic drilling might raise ExxonMobil’s stock price, but it wouldn’t save consumers much more than a couple of pennies per gallon and then not for another 20 years.

And they still oppose meaningful action to address global climate change, which could doom more than a million species to extinction. [1]

Today ExxonMobil begins its annual shareholders meeting in Dallas, TX. Help us show them that wildlife supporters like us mean business!

Promise to boycott ExxonMobil until it cleans up its act and help us reach 100,000 pledges by June 9th.

In the past five years, ExxonMobil has spent more than $40 million on lobbyists and millions more in campaign contributions to its pet politicians to relentlessly push its agenda on Capitol Hill. [2]

Stop fueling ExxonMobil’s destructive agenda -- Pledge to boycott ExxonMobil!

So far, more than 68,000 wildlife supporters have taken our pledge to boycott ExxonMobil. With gas prices averaging $2.87 nationally, that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars a week that they can’t spend on their anti-wildlife agenda! [3]

Changing ExxonMobil’s ways is well within our reach. At the 2004 ExxonMobil annual shareholder meeting, 28.3% of shareholders voted for a resolution calling on the company's board of directors to review how it will meet greenhouse gas reduction targets in countries participating in the Kyoto Protocol. [4]

Just imagine how many shareholders would support more responsible policies if they understood how their company’s recklessness is affecting their bottom line!

For almost a year, Defenders of Wildlife has waged a concerted campaign to get ExxonMobil to clean up its act, both as a member of the Exxpose Exxon Coalition [5] and with our own boycott campaign. Today, we need your help.

Please pledge to boycott ExxonMobil until they stop trying to drill in the Arctic Refuge and along our coasts. Tell them you won’t buy their gas until they stop fighting efforts to curb global climate change and get serious about clean energy solutions.

Your decision at the pump could make a big difference for our wildlife.


Rodger Schlickeisen, President
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife
Rodger Schlickeisen, President (c)Daniel J. Cox/www.naturalexpos



[2] Center for Responsive Politics,, May 25, 2005. Number based on contributions of $200 or more from PACs and individuals to federal candidates and from PAC, individual and soft money donors to political parties, as reported to the Federal Election Commission.

[3] Estimate based on each person filling a 16-gallon tank of gas once a week.

[4] Vicki Wolf, "Unprecedented support for climate change resolution at ExxonMobil's 123rd Annual Meeting," Citizens League for Environmental Action Now,

[5] The Exxpose Exxon campaign is a collaborative effort of Defenders of Wildlife and several other large environmental and public interest advocacy organizations aimed at informing and educating Americans about ExxonMobil's efforts to prevent action on global warming, drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and encourage America's dependence on oil. To learn more, visit

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